Help wanted with bird records

Please can you help our hardworking county recorder?  If you might be able to help with data entry, have an interest in statistics/data, are well up on map references, please consider if you can contribute to this vital part of our work in the county.

Records come in from a number of sources and need to be formatted and checked so that they can be loaded onto the database. These records contribute to construction of a database that has become an invaluable source of information for conservationists and scientists alike both locally and nationally.  I am looking for a person who is proactive and who can work under their own steam.  If you want to make a difference this is your chance to get involved. I want to create a small close-knit team.

Help is also needed with data analysis to support the annual bird report.  So if you are into stats and facts and figures that would be of a real advantage.

I am looking for someone who has some time on a regular basis to help with formatting and entering bird record data. You must know a little about how excel spreadsheets work.  A lot of the records come from Websites like The Gloster Birder and need to be tidied up and put into a format that can be entered into the database. Some records will be too vague and inaccurate to be of any use. These will either have to be discarded or investigated. Where appropriate, a breeding code needs to be added.

It is essential that locations of sightings are accurate; some observers use generic site names for their day’s birding (eg “The Forest of Dean”), or refer to place names that are not on the OS maps, so some investigations will be required to make these records useable.  Some records will be too vague and inaccurate to be of any use and will have to be thrown away.

Grid references are important so an understanding of how they work is required – however there a couple of websites that work on a ‘point and click’ basis that will work out the grid references and make the task very easy.

If you are interested please contact me for a no obligations chat on 07879 850 196 or email me on

Many thanks

Richard Baatsen
Gloucestershire County Bird Recorder
Grid-refs and breeding codes make your records work harder