Saturday 20th May 2017

WWT Slimbridge     A LITTLE GULL on the Rushy at 2:55pm. (Andy Jordan).

Boxwell     Near the Monarch’s Way, three Wheatears and two Corn Buntings. (Vic Polley).

Tresham     Near the Monarch’s Way two Wheatears (probably the same birds) and a Corn Bunting. Three Corn Buntings on the farm track going S from Tresham and another on the road to the A46. (Vic Polley).

Stinchcombe Hill     Early morning a Spotted Flycatcher and a Whitethroat. (Paul Rich).

Frampton    A CATTLE EGRET on the island on Court Lake this morning. (Nick Goatman).

Berkeley shore     This morning a Wheatear, a Cuckoo, four Whimbrels, a Ringed Plover, five Dunlins and three Curlews. (Paul Taylor).

Painswick     A Red Kite over the Falcon Inn at 2:30pm. (Gord & Margaret Avery).

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