Sunday 30th June 2019

Cheltenham     An adult NIGHT HERON on the island of the boating lake at Pittville Park at SO 94920 23492 at 8:30am, but not seen again until 8:44pm. Also a Common Sandpiper and a Kingfisher. (John Sanders). NH pics by John, others by Mike.

Night Heron 300619 1

Night Heron 300619 2

Common Sandpiper 300619

Kingfisher 300619.jpg

Coombe Hill Meadows    From the Grundon hide this afternoon four Shovelers, four Gadwalls, three Teal, a juvenile Garganey, four adult Tufted Ducks, five Little Grebes (3 ads & 2 juvs), four Little Egrets, a Hobby, an Oystercatcher, 19 Lapwings, two Curlews, a Redshank, two Green Sandpipers, three Common Sandpipers, 22 Swifts, two Sand Martins and two Reed Warblers. (Andy Jayne).

Berkeley shore     Eight Common Sandpipers this afternoon. (Paul Taylor).

Ebley     The Ring-necked Parakeet again at Foxmoor Lane stables at SO 82398 05555 at 7pm. (Carol Mein).

Tewkesbury     A Red Kite flew high over the garden E to W. (Les Ditchburn). On Severn Ham 2-3 Curlews, 3-4 Skylarks and 2-3 Reed Buntings singing. (Mike Smart).

Daneway Banks     c10 Swifts over today. (Felicity Cobb).

Cirencester     Two Grey Wagtails on the River Churn at the bottom of Gloucester Street bridge. On Riverside Walk two Grey Herons and a female Mallard with four ducklings. (Felicity Cobb). Pic by Felicity.

Grey Wagtail 300619.jpg

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Saturday 29th June 2019

Frampton pools     Around the pools this evening a Hobby, a Great White Egret, ten Little Egrets, a Yellow-legged Gull, five Common Terns and five chicks, 12 Swifts, 126 Mute Swan, 34 Barnacle Geese, 72 Greylags and 22 Canada Geese. (Nick Goatman).

Symonds Yat     At Yat Rock, two Peregrines, two Ravens and two Kingfishers active on the river. (Steve Brown).

Forest of Dean     At Nagshead, a juvenile female Goshawk calling from conifers then chased off by crows. A Marsh Tit and a Great Spotted Woodpecker both feeding fledglings. At Wenchford a family party of Grey Wagtails today. (Steve Brown).

Longney     At Longney Crib late morning three Little Egrets, two Oystercatchers, two Pied Wagtails and two Blackcaps. (John Fletcher).

Quedgeley    25 Lapwings over Shelduck Road at 8:30 this evening. (Steve Pullen).

Kingswood     Five Red Kites together above the Wickwar Road today. (Paul Sutton).

Stonehouse     A Green Woodpecker flew up off the open grass at Boakes Drive then looped over the canal into Bridgend at 7:45pm. (Paul Sutton).

WWT Slimbridge     No confirmed sightings of the Little Bustard on the Dumbles since Wednesday evening despite a report to the contrary. It could still be present in the long grass but is looking unlikely.

Sherborne     Swifts this morning taken over the village by Richard Tyler.

Swift 290619 1

Swift 290619 2

Coombe Hill Meadows     13 Mute Swans, a Greylag, a pair of Canada Geese with five goslings, two Shelducks, nine Gadwalls, four Shovelers, three pairs of Tufted Ducks, two Little Egrets, a Grey Heron, at least three Little Grebes (two immatures and an adult seen probably a second whinnying), a pair of Coot with six chicks and another adult incubating, 12 Lapwings including two full-grown chicks, 1-2 Green Sandpipers, a Curlew, still song from Sedge Warbler, Blackcap, Whitethroat, Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff and Reed Bunting. (Mike Smart).

Tewkesbury     On the Severn below Lower Lode a Cormorant, a Common Sandpiper, 2-3 Sand Martins around the colony, a Cuckoo singing, a Redstart, a Lesser Whitethroat still singing and several singing Reed Buntings. (Mike Smart).

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Friday 28th June 2019

Frampton     Early morning a the Sailing Lake a Green Sandpiper, a Yellow-legged Gull, five Common Terns, 20+ Swifts, five Sand Martins, a Curlew, 12 Pied Wagtails (10 juvs) and a Grey Wagtail. (Nick Goatman).

Edge     At Rudge Hill NNR this afternoon seven Meadow Pipits (4 juvs), two Willow Warblers and two Stock Doves over. (John Fletcher).

Brockworth     At least 90 Swifts hawking over oil-seed rape this evening at Henley Bank. (Terry Fenton).

Cheltenham     Over last 11 days Sparrowhawk visits and four confirmed kills at Hesters Way, the most recent at 9:30pm today. (Selwyn Ballinger).

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Thursday 27th June 2019

Highnam Woods    At least four Spotted Flycatchers, a male Bullfinch, three Great Spotted Woodpecker, two Buzzards, a Hobby heard calling and Marsh Tit, Treecreeper and Nuthatch fledglings seen. (Jonathan Bull).

WWT Slimbridge     No reported sightings of the Little Bustard on the Dumbles today. It has become more and more elusive and distant each day but with the length of the grass it is not necessarily gone.

Shab Hill     No sign of the Red-backed Shrike today. This evening Shab Hill three Jays and a Yellowhammer. (Simon Hart).

Gretton     A Hummingbird Hawk-moth nectaring on Red Valerian in the garden early evening. (Roger Wasley). Pic by Roger.

Hummingbird Hawk-moth 270619.jpg

Miserden     A Red Kite over the village at 10am. (MK).

Leighterton     Two Red Kites at Bennett’s Farm at 1:30pm over fresh mown grass and the Monarch’s Way. (Martin Saunders).

Fairford    Four Oystercatchers on the river bank behind the church. Also a Swift and a Red Kite at Quenington. (Trevor & Sue Clayson).

Babdown     A Yellowhammer and a Corn Bunting today. Also a Jay at Happylands near Tetbury. (Martin Saunders).

Forest of Dean     The Raven family at Cannop ponds again today. (Chris Keeling).

Tewkesbury     On Severn Ham four Cormorants over, a Little Egret, an Oystercatcher over and 2-3 Curlews. Also two Peregrines chasing two Ravens above the Abbey. (Mike Smart).

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Wednesday 26th June 2019

Shab Hill     A female RED-BACKED SHRIKE this afternoon in an overgrown paddock at SO934156. (Simon Colenutt). Present until 8:45pm at least. Pics by Mike. 4th pic by Richard Tyler.

Park in the large free car park at SO931154 then walk back towards the Air Balloon Inn until you come to a phonebox, very carefully cross the busy A417 at SO933157 to the cycle path marked with a blue sign. Walk past Four Winds house on your left and the paddock is on your right. 

Red-backed Shrike 260619 1

Red-backed Shrike 260619 2

Red-backed Shrike 260619 3

Red-backed Shrike 260619 4

WWT Slimbridge     The LITTLE BUSTARD remained hidden in the long grass on the Dumbles again and was seen a couple of times up to 11am. Just seen again at 7:30pm. Patience and a scope are recommended.  (Roger Treeby/Roberta Goodall). Also 40+ Avocets over and in the Rushy 20+ Avocets with chicks, a Mediterranean Gull and a Little Ringed Plover. (MK). Pics by Mike.

Avocets 260619

Mediterranean Gull 260619

Little Ringed Plover 260619

Southrop     At sunrise this morning a QUAIL calling from the old Southrop aerodrome. (Mike Cook).

Fretherne    A QUAIL flushed in the top meadow along the path from Hock Ditch towards Arlingham today. (Martin Greenish/Michelle Davies). 

Eastleach     A Spotted Flycatcher, a Lesser Whitethroat and two Grey Partridges near the dew pond at Macaroni Woods. (Mike Cook).

Lechlade     Two Hobbies at the Old Lechlade Gravel pits. (Mike Cook).

Longney     At the old orchards and along the Severn Way and hedgerows this afternoon a female Marsh Harrier, a Little Owl, two Greenfinches, nine Goldfinches, six Sedge Warblers heard, two Reed Buntings, two Green Woodpeckers, a Swift, two Swallows, a Buzzard and two Sparrowhawks. (John Fletcher).

Rodborough     A Red Kite over Rodborough Pavilion this morning. (Seb Buckton).

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Tuesday 25th June 2019

WWT Slimbridge     The LITTLE BUSTARD remained hidden in the long grass on the Dumbles today in poor weather conditions until 3pm when it was refound. It was present until 6:15pm at least. Patience and a scope are recommended. Also a pair of Curlews with four juveniles on the Dumbles and an eclipse drake Garganey on the Rushy earlier today.  (Slimbridge Sightings).

Early access from 8am tomorrow for members, non-members £10 via side gate, normal entry via Visitor Centre from 9:30am.

Coombe Hill Meadows     A Spoonbill reported in the Grundon hide logbook for June 23rd, but no sign since. (per Andy Jayne).

Cheltenham     A possible Black Kite reported a mile N of Junction 10 of the M5 at 3:30pm. (Phil Andrews).

Fairford     A female Sparrowhawk landed in the back garden today at Manor Close staying for eight minutes before flying off N. (Paul Charles).

Symonds Yat     From Yat Rock viewpoint today the Peregrine pair and another adult Peregrine on Great Doward Hill nearby, a Red Kite, Buzzards, Ravens, two Grey Herons, Jays, Swifts, Swallows, House and Sand Martins, a Chiffchaff, a Blackcap and a female Mandarin. Other sightings included, a White-legged Damselfly, Hummingbird Hawkmoths, a Fallow Deer, a Bank Vole and a Wood Mouse. (Chris & Phil Andrews). Pic by Phil.

White-legged Damselfly 250619

Aylburton Common     Birds feasting on berries in the garden included male and female Blackcap, a male Bullfinch and Blackbirds. (Martin Vaisey). Pics by Martin.

Bullfinch 250619

Blackcap f 250619

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Monday 24th June 2019

WWT Slimbridge     The LITTLE BUSTARD remains in the long grass on the Dumbles today, but is elusive and difficult to see at times. Patience and a scope are recommended. Also a Peregrine and 15+ Avocets. (Martin McGill). Also at the Dumbles today a Hobby over, a Great White Egret distantly to the south and two Little Egrets.  A Scarlet Tiger moth was in front of the South Lake hide. (Andy & Sue Gibbons).

This evening special escorted access to the Little Bustard for 6pm, 7pm and 8pm meeting in the car park. Free to WWT members and £10 cash for non members. Escorted return walks at 6:45pm, 7:45pm and 9pm. 

Leighterton     This evening four, possibly five QUAIL calling along Monarch’s Way, three in one Barley field, and one probably two calling in the other adjoining Barley field. An estimated 6-7 pairs of Corn Buntings in the area, at least two pairs carrying food. (Terry Grant).

Nailsworth     A Hobby hunting over the valley at 4:50pm. (Terry Grant).

Withington     A recently fledged Red Kite this afternoon near Withington. (Richard Tyler). Pic by Richard.

Red Kite 240619

Amberley     At Theescombe Lane a Ring necked Parakeet flew N in the valley at 5pm. Also a Painted Lady in the lane. (Phil Williams).

Halmore    This morning a Cuckoo heard between Halmore and Purton. (Chris Newton).

Cheltenham    Two Red Kites circling together over Rowanfield 9:30am. (Howard Taylor).

Forest of Dean     A Red Kite flew over Mitcheldean at 9:55am. (Chris Keeling). A Painted Lady at Whitecroft today. (Bernie Dumbleton).

Painted Lady 240619

Tewkesbury     A Cormorant over Severn Ham, four Curlews, two Cuckoos, still several Skylarks singing and at least three Reed Buntings singing. Just one Peregrine chick on the tray on the Abbey tower, looking nearly ready to fly (the Tewkesbury Abbey Peregrine blog confirms that one of the chicks succumbed last Friday). (Mike Smart).

Coombe Hill Meadows     This evening 15 Mute Swans,a pair of Canada Geese with five goslings, two Wigeon, two female Mallards, one with six ducklings and the other with seven, five Gadwalls, five Tufted Ducks, an immature Little Grebe and another whinnying, two Lapwings, four Oystercatchers, the two chicks fledged and now flying, seven Curlews came in to roost and a Cuckoo singing. (Mike Smart).

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